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Medical Machine Translation

EPSRC GCRF-funded project in collaboration with the University of Cape Town to build a machine translation system to facilitate communication in the medical domain between isiXhosa-speaking patients and English-speaking doctors in health centres in South Africa. I participated as a research assistant at the University of Edinburgh.


Long-term EU(CEF)-funded project to collect parallel corpora from large-scale web crawls. I participated during my time as a data engineer at one of the project partners — TAUS.



Xhosa-English Machine Translation for the Medical Domain


As part of a project to develop medical domain machine translation systems between isiXhosa and English (see project page for more details), the University of Cape Town hosted a workshop, where I presented the challenges of building such a system in low-resource languages, some low-resource techniques to build better MT systems, the data used for building the medical domain isiXhosa-English MT models, and some preliminary results.


Teaching experience 2

Workshop, University 1, Department, 2015

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